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As the title suggests, this site is intended for all Internet users, who need fast and free to translate foreign-language phrases. This page allows you to translate foreign phrases into a vast number of languages is not only a translator from English into Czech. This site can cope with common languages such as English, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish or French, and Dutch, but is less used as Chinese and Hebrew. All thanks to Google Translator, the world's largest free search engine released for public use. With this application you can not translate foreign texts into Czech, but in a number of other languages. If this does not suit you online compiler, you can expand your language skills such as learning English.

Translate sentences and texts



How to use this application?

Using this online compiler is very simple sentences and successfully translated each sufficient knowledge of basic computing tasks. Very useful when working with this tool is primarily a "box" where you can save the sentence to be translated. Text to translate recommended label by dragging the left mouse button pressed and then copied to the clipboard, either by pressing Ctrl + C or using the right mouse button. Copied sentences then paste using Ctrl + V or even use the right mouse button in the text box of a compiler. This is followed by step source selection, target language. After successful completion of the translation start sentences press reload.

Quality translation

Occasionally we get reports of problems with the translation of certain phrases. When working with this compiler, please take note that this is only a machine translation dictionary or to whose improvement is still working. Mainly for these reasons, the translation may occur in minor discrepancies. If you need to get a really professional, well-translated sentences in the translation or directly by native speakers, we recommend that you contact one of translation agencies.

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